Cool Sculpt | Freezing Fat with CoolSculpting

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Cool Sculpt | Freezing Fat with CoolSculpting

Freezing fat cells with Cool Sculpt is easier than ever. It is why this non-invasive aesthetic treatment is so popular. The advanced technology, Cryolipolysis, behind Cool Sculpt has revolutionized the fat reduction industry. It is easy, affordable, and fast compared to other body contouring treatments like liposuction. Read on to learn more about Cool Sculpt with CoolSculpting and how it eliminates fat cells. 

How to Cool Sculpt Problem Areas?

Even people who work out regularly and follow a healthy diet still struggle with resistant fat. It could be stubborn fat on the chin, arms, and belly or in other places. The one thing they have in common is that the fat bulges are almost impossible to eliminate. This is where the Cool Sculpt treatment shines. It was created specifically to target such hard to get rid of fat. 


The real name of Cool Sculpt is Coolsculpting. This is the procedure of freezing the fat cells to remove them permanently from the body. Those who desire to tone and get rid of annoying fat on their bodies can speak to a Coolsculpting specialist. Treatment specialists tailor a specific treatment plan for each patient. The Cool Sculpt consultant also determines the number of cycles they will need to achieve the desired sculpting of the body.

What To Expect on The Day of Treatment?

On the day of your Cool Sculpt treatment, the experts at the Metro Laser mark the fatty pockets to Cool Sculpt. The Metro Laser Coolsculpting facility has different types of applicators. Each applicator targets the needs of the patient. An expert decides which applicator best suits the patient’s body type. Some applicators have suction cups to isolate the fats before freezing them. The kind of applicator to be used is best left to the certified Cool Sculpt professionals.

Unlike other invasive fat reduction treatments, there is no need for anesthesia with Coolsculpting. This means that the individual is fully awake during the procedure. Best of all, the Cool Sculp treatment cycles only take between 35 to 50 minutes. No dietary or physical restrictions are to be followed for the procedure. The patient might feel the suction and slight cold during the process. A slight massage might follow to complete the process faster.


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The Best Cool Sculpt Provider

Coolsculpting is a technique-sensitive treatment. Discerning individuals who live in the Plymouth Meeting PA, Philadelphia, Exton and Yardley areas, choose Metro Laser. They have the latest Cool sculpt machines. Plus, their Coolsculpting technicians are certified and with years of experience. Finding out if Cool Sculpt can help you tone your physique is effortless. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Metro Laser today. Call us at 215- 735-2737 or reach out to us online.

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