Dermaplaning Treatments in Philadelphia

Dermaplaning at Metro Laser

Probably the simplest tried and true rule in facial skin improvement is: ‘get rid of the layers of dull and mostly dead skin cells.  Dermaplaning can be done as a stand alone treatment but is excellent in combination with more advanced treatments.  During dermaplaning, your esthetician uses a professional grade scalpel to gently scrape away the dull uppermost layer of dead skin and vellus hair. The result is bright, glowing, smooth skin, increased product absorption, and smoother application of makeup.

What To Expect With Dermaplaning

Some people refer to dermaplaning as a “scalpel facial”. A very simple procedure, your esthetician (very carefully and skillfully) shaves layers of hair and dead skin off of your face with a medical, sterilized scalpel. 


If you have purchased and tried at-home dermaplaning, you might be surprised at how much more effective a professional dermaplaning session is. Professional scalpels are an order of magnitude sharper and do not have the fool-proofing safety features. At home dermaplaning can not approach the level of exfoliation or smoothness that professional dermaplaning achieves and in fact can leave micro-scratches on the skin. 


Before dermaplaning, the skin gets cleaned thoroughly and sometimes a degreasing product may be used. The esthetician holds a section of the skin taught and gently glides the scalpel over it at an angle in short sweeping motions. There is no pain associated. 


Dermaplaning takes about 30 minutes. If you’re only getting dermaplaning, the esthetician may apply a serum or other product for hydration. 



Who Should Get Dermaplaning?

Mostly anyone other than those patients with moderate to severe active acne or other eruptive skin conditions can benefit from dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is good for:


● Dull Skin
● Dry Skin
● Recipients of more comprehensive skin treatments like photofacials or microdermabrasion.
● Improved absorption of product
● Blackheads
● Improvement of fine lines (especially when combined with other medical grade treatments)

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