Keeping You Safe During Your Visit With Our New Check-In Process

We are working hard to keep our patients and staff safe so that we can continue to give you that great Med Spa experience you’ve come to love at Metro Laser. We’ve created a short video so you can see first hand how we are taking extra steps during the check-in process.

NOTE: Since we have 3 locations, the process may be slightly different from location to location.

At a glance, here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll start with a self-service digital temperature check in the lobby. Just walk up to the screen and it will measure and display your temperature.
  • You can then call us and let you know you are here.
  • When we are ready to take you in, a technician will come down to meet you and take you to your appointment.
  • On our way up, we’ll just ask you a few questions about your health and recent activities. This will include any recent possibility of COVID exposure, recent symptoms or fever, self-quarantining, and recent travel.
  • We’ll double check your temperature so that we can note our records.
  • We’ll lead you in, opening all doors for you so as to reduce contact.
  • We’ll provide you with hand sanitizer to use before we begin.
  • You will sign a brief COVID release form. We’ve made Metro Laser as safe as possible but this release will state that there are still risks.
  • In addition, you’ll notice that our technicians will be wearing both an ASTM Level 3 mask as well as a polycarbonate face shield to help comply with the highest standards.


Watch our quick video of the checkin process!


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