How to Get Rid of Love Handles | Reducing Stubborn Fat

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles | Reducing Stubborn Fat

The weight loss industry often tricks us into believing lies about getting rid of love handles and stubborn fat. The human body is extremely complex and varies in many ways. Therefore, reducing fat is not a simple task. Read on to learn more about stubborn fat and how to get rid of it with healthy habits and non-invasive methods like CoolSculpting.

What is Stubborn Fat?

As we reach adulthood, the number and placement of fat cells in our bodies becomes fixed. Some factors that affect where and how the body stores fat are: gender, genetics, and hormones. Women will tend to store more fat in their thighs, hips, and buttocks. Men often store more fat cells in the belly, chest, flanks, and chin.

Exercises for Love Handles

An effective way to tackle love handles is to strive to lose weight throughout the entire body. Using a combination of aerobic and strength exercises is ideal. Some specific exercises that best contribute to fat reduction in the flanks are Russian twists, planks, mountain climbers, and abdominal scissors. Exercise alone will not get rid of love handles entirely for any person. Exercise is more effective when combined with a healthy diet.

Dieting for Love Handles

Fad diets are not ideal for long-term fat reduction in the love handles or any other area of the body. The trends of fad diets plague the internet and claim to help you lose weight quickly, but the weight lost from these fad diets is likely temporary loss resulting from losing mere water weight. Consider these basic diet tips that will help reduce fat for longer: reduce sugar intake, try intermittent fasting, and/or adopt a plant-based lifestyle. When combined with exercise, a healthy diet will help reduce fat. Unfortunately, even with your best exercise and dieting efforts, it can still be difficult to reduce love handles. 

CoolSculpting for Love Handles

The flanks, or love handles, often host stubborn fat cells. These fat cells will cling to the body and are often a result of factors outside our control. Some of these factors include gender, hormones, and genetics. Luckily, advancements in technology have brought about revolutionary treatments that effectively reduce stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat reducing treatment for love handles in the world. This FDA-cleared treatment is one-of-a-kind; it uses the science of cryolipolysis to freeze away stubborn fat from almost anywhere on the body. Fat cells are exposed to controlled cooling after which they crystallize and die. Once they’re processed out as waste, those fat cells are gone for good. They can’t return. CoolSculpting has been proven as safe and effective for fat reduction and, best of all, treatments require little to no downtime and no surgery.

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