CoolSculpting Stomach | How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Coolsculpting Stomach

CoolSculpting Stomach | How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat, or a potbelly, is a common problem plaguing millions of people around the globe. Fat naturally accumulates in the abdomen, and it tends to be resistant to diet and exercise. The truth is that stomach fat has several causes, mainly genetics, age, gender, hormones, and some medical conditions. Fortunately, cosmetic fat reduction treatments are available when your best efforts to get rid of belly fat fail.


Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting stomach treatments and discover if this method of eliminating belly fat is right for your body.

The Little-Known Causes of Belly Fat

For men, the lower abdomen is the body’s default area for storing excess fat. For women, their estrogen directs the body to accumulate more fat in the buttocks, thighs, and hips. As women age, estrogen levels take a hit, causing their levels to drop. This prompts an increase in the collection of more fat in the abdomen. Gender and hormones both also affect belly fat, as does age. The metabolism begins to decline as both men and women age, causing the body to use fewer calories. A slower metabolism means fat quickly builds up in the belly.

Belly Fat Solutions

Diet and exercise are both important for maintaining and controlling a healthy weight. However, they are not always going to be enough to eliminate resistant belly fat. Many people need professional solutions to help reduce bulges of fat in the stomach.


Liposuction has always been a common solution for subcutaneous fat in problem areas. It is, however, a surgical procedure with several drawbacks like surgery, scalpels, anesthesia, and a long, complicated recovery. Thankfully for anyone who needs professional help for belly fat but wishes to avoid surgery, CoolSculpting provides the perfect non-surgical solution.


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CoolSculpting Belly Fat | The Non-Surgical Solution

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive way to reduce fat cells without surgery. FDA cleared as safe and effective, CoolSculpting provides a solution for potbellies by eliminating fat cells with a calibrated cooling technology (Cryolipolysis.) Proprietary applicators emit the cooling technology, targeting fat cells beneath the skin. The extreme temperatures cause the fat cells to “freeze,” eventually triggering cell death. Several weeks after your cooling cycles, the body naturally gathers the dead cells and processes them out of the body. CoolSculpting provides people with a lasting fat reduction because once the fat cells are gone, they never return.


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Is CoolSculpting Stomach Right For Me?

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment and should never be used to treat obesity. The perfect candidate for fat freezing is a healthy adult struggling with stubborn fat in problem areas like the stomach, thighs, or arms. If you are unsure if you would be the right candidate for treatment, schedule a free consultation with a reputable CoolSculpting provider like Metro Laser. During your visit, you interact with knowledgeable treatment technicians. Our staff knows how to evaluate your body while listening to your body goals. If they think fat freezing is proper for you, they develop the perfect plan that cool sculpts your body perfectly.

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