CoolSculpting Love Handles | Reduce Muffin Tops

CoolSculpting Love Handles | Reduce Muffin Tops

CoolSculpting love handles is a non-surgical treatment targeting stubborn fat on the flanks. Love handles, or flanks, are a typical problem area for most women. CoolSculpting treatments provide women a non-surgical way to reduce stubborn fat and contour a sexy physique. Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting and how it reduces fat cells without surgery.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction method. This popular treatment eradicates stubborn fat without surgery, needles, anesthesia, or a long recovery time. Fat freezing with CoolSculpting uses advanced cooling technology (Cryolipolysis) to eliminate stubborn fat in problem areas like the love handles. During a cooling cycle, a treatment technician uses an applicator to expose fat cells to extreme cooling. 


The extreme temperatures cause the fat cells to crystallize. Once the fat cell becomes brittle, its membrane ruptures, and it can no longer do its job. Weeks after treatment, the body naturally gathers the dead fat cells and disposes them via the lymphatic system. Fat freezing with CoolSculpting provides people with a safe, effective way to achieve long-term fat reduction. Once the fat cells are frozen and die, they can never return.

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CoolSculpting Love Handles Before and After*

CoolSculpting love handles before and after images show the dramatic fat reduction possible with this popular treatment. As with any body contouring treatment, results may vary per person.* However, when individuals seek fat freezing with a reputable provider like Metro Laser, their fat reduction results are dramatic.


CoolSculpting Before and After>>

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

When CoolSculpting was first released in 2010, it was only approved to remove fat non-invasively from areas such as the belly and thighs. Today, people can use CoolSculpting to reduce fat in problem areas like the back, upper arm area, under the buttocks, thigh, submental fullness, and other regions.

CoolSculpting Love Handles

The love handles, or the flanks, are a common problem area for men and women. People choose to fat freeze their love handles with CoolSculpting to reduce the appearance of embarrassing muffin tops. In addition, some people decide to combine flank treatments with abdomen treatments to achieve a total midsection transformation.


Treating the love handles requires one small applicator during treatment, one on each side. Unfortunately, some CoolSculpting providers have only one machine, making it impossible to treat both flanks during the same treatment. Thankfully for Plymouth Meeting and Yardley residents, Metro Laser is a premier CoolSculpting provider with dual sculpting capability.

CoolSculpting Love Handles Near Me

If you are tired of trying to cover up your muffin top and want to reduce stubborn flank fullness, contact Metro Laser. Call us at 215-735-2737 to schedule your free consultation to learn more. During your consultation, our expert technicians evaluate your body and listen to your body goals. If fat freezing is right for you, Metro Laser Coolsculpting technicians create a plan that achieves optimal flank fat reduction. 

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CoolSculpting Side Effects and Risks

CoolSculpting Side Effects and Risks

Before individuals contour their body with the latest fat freezing treatment, they all want to know more about CoolSculpting safety. Are there CoolSculpting side effects? Are there risks? Fortunately, millions of successful treatments and numerous scientific studies provide the answer. Risk is low, adverse reactions are rare, and CoolSculpting side effects, if present, are mild and go away on their own.

Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting side effects and risks and how you can avoid them both altogether.


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Scientific Studies Prove CoolSculpting Safety

CoolSculpting safety is supported by countless studies. The Journal of Dermatological Surgery, found, “No significant side effects or adverse events were reported,” and  concluded, “With proper patient selection, cryolipolysis is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment method for reduction of subcutaneous fat.”


The study, “Cryolipolysis For Noninvasive Body Contouring” published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology also supports CoolSculpting’s safety. The study reports, Cryolipolysis has been proven to be a very safe method for body contouring, and is accomplished with only minimal discomfort” and concludes, “Cryolipolysis is considered to be both safe and efficient with a high patient satisfaction rate.”

CoolSculpting Side Effects

After a CoolSculpting session, the body triggers a natural immune response to collect and expel dead fat cells. As a result, those treated can expect to experience one or more of the following symptoms associated with a natural immune response:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising

The symptoms tend to occur just within the treatment area. Most people only experience mild symptoms that resolve within one to two weeks on their own without further medical care. 

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CoolSculpting Risks

While CoolSculpting risk is low, there are instances of rare adverse reactions occurring. The most notable occurrence being paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This reaction is significantly rare but can be serious because the frozen fat cells grow larger. It occurs mainly in men.

How to Avoid CoolSculpting Side Effects and Risk

The best way to avoid any chance of CoolSculpting side effects or CoolSculpting risks is by selecting a reputable CoolSculpting provider. This treatment is skill-sensitive. Most of your experience and the overall results rely heavily on the expertise and knowledge of the person providing the treatment. The majority of adverse reactions or severe side effects occur due to technician error or counterfeit fat freezing equipment.


When selecting a provider, prioritize experience and reputation over the total cost of treatment. It is also important to ensure the person conducting the treatment is a certified CoolSculpting provider. Avoid knock-off treatments that cost less than the licensed treatments. CoolSculpting is the only fat reduction treatment scientifically verified, and FDA cleared to reduce fat using Cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting Near Me

If you want the safest, most effective CoolSculpting treatment in the Plymouth Meeting and Yardley areas, contact Metro Laser. As a premier provider of CoolSculpting in these areas, we provide all clients with safe treatments in our luxury facility with licensed CoolSculpting equipment. Call us at 215-735-2737 to schedule your free consultation to learn more or reach out to us online. 

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